United Team of Eur3kA and FlappyPig


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r3kapig is a united CTF Team mostly emerges from Eur3kA and FlappyPig since 2018. And just so you know, r3kapig is a delicious dish that can be grilled and fried, and the mission of the team is to provide the most delicious food for the host. :P

We actively participate in online and on-site CTF competitions. You can browse our recently participated events and ranks on CTFtime. We are a group of cybersecurity enthusiasts interested in various areas including software security, web security, cryptography, IoT security, etc.

If necessary, this is our official email: root@r3kapig.com

Team Members

Give me a point, I can lift a flappy pig.

These are our members.

Active Members

profile-image Anciety(Leader)
Peking University
- Runtime CTF Cheerleader
- Github: Anciety
profile-image Bibi (Leader)
- Blog: http://beafb1b1.github.io/
- Github: beafb1b1
profile-image Atum
Peking University
- Blog: http://atum.li/about/
- Github: a7um
profile-image Mxny
Work in MaiXiangTech
- Blog: http://mxny.org
profile-image Ne0
B.S in Nanjing University & PhD in Georgia Tech
- Blog: https://changochen.github.io/
- Github: Changochen
profile-image Ricter
- Blog: https://ricterz.me/
- Github: RicterZ
profile-image Swings
Focus on Vulnerability Discovering &Active in CTF, PWN/Reverse
- Blog: https://bestwing.me/
- Github: WinMin
profile-image Nonick
- Blog:
- Github: unamer
profile-image NightShadow
A vegetables chicken, following swings and pizza
- Blog: whklhhhh
profile-image f1sh
Hacked by Swings
- Blog: http://f1sh.site/
profile-image stypr
Master at Sleeping. Working in Tokyo.
- Blog: https://harold.kim/
- Github: stypr
profile-image zzm
Web Security & Machine Learning Follower of Ricter and Chromium1337
- Blog: http://zzm.cat
- Github: zhazhami
profile-image 一叶飘零
Web Security & Follower of Ricter and Chromium1337
- Blog: https://skysec.top/
profile-image Oroggs
A vegetables chicken, following swings and pizza and NightShadow
- Blog: https://blog.oroggs.xyz/
profile-image n0b0dy
Web security & privacy
- Blog: https://n0b0dycn.me/
profile-image yuguorui
Peking University, Crypto, Pwn
- Github: yuguorui
profile-image Auxy
Pass Cut-Off & Noob in Program Analysis
- Blog: https://auxy.xyz
profile-image liangjs
Juicy Kiwi
- Github: liangjs
profile-image Pizza
profile-image Rex
Yet another pig in r3kapig.
- Github: xiao-xing-yun
profile-image w1tcher
No pwn, No Swings.
profile-image lowkey
Just to convince the reviewer.
profile-image LFY
Web dog, most vegetablest in r3kapig.
- Blog: https://lfysec.top/
profile-image Umut
Pwn and reverse.
- Blog: https://pwndiary.com
- Github: umutoztunc

Historical Active Members

profile-image Jarvis
White hat, full stack, embedded engineer, IoT security researcher
- Blog: https://www.jarviswang.me/
profile-image 1phan
B.S in Xidian University & PhD in IUB
- Blog: http://www.1phan.cc
- Github: Gao-Chuan
profile-image Processor
No pwn, no reverse.
- Blog: https://processor.pub/

Selected Awards

Game Name Time
DEFCON 27 CTF Final, 2019 10th place Las Vegas, NV, USA, Aug. 2019
WCTF 2019 Onsite(Master), 3rd place Beijing, China, July. 2019
0CTF/TCTF 2019 Final, 1st🏆place Shanghai, China, June. 2019
RCTF 2019 Online, 1st🏆place Online, May. 2019
*CTF 2019 Quals, 1st🏆place Online, April. 2019
0CTF/TCTF 2019 Quals, 5th place Online, March. 2019
Trend Micro CTF 2018 Finals, 4th place Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 2018
Real World CTF 2018 Finals, 5th place Zhengzhou, China Dec. 2018
BCTF 2018, 1st🏆place Online, Nov. 2018
XCTF 2018 FINALS -HITB BEIJING, 1st🏆place Beijing, China, Nov. 2018
Hack. lu CTF 2018, 3rd place Online, Oct. 2018
RCTF 2018 Online, 4th place Online, Oct. 2018
Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 2018, 5th place (JD-r3kapig) Online, Oct. 2018
DEFCON 26 CTF Final, 18th place Las Vegas, USA, Aug. 2018
Real World CTF 2018 Quals, 3rd place Online, July. 2018

... more available at ctftime.